Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trusting after an affair

"Dear Housewife,

My husband has been unfaithful in the past but is really trying to make it work with me. I believe he is.
He wants to go with his friends once in a while and I know I shouldn't care.
I tell him to go and want him to, but I am an emotional rollercoster for 2 days before and after. I don't want to be but I am.
I end up crying and he ends up saying he shouldn't have gone.
He is not staying late and calls me several times so I know exactly what is going on. I think he should be able to do things sometimes but I don't know why I get so upset. I cannot control my emotions!!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Does size really matter?

"Dear Housewife,

Not so much related to actual sexual activity, but it makes a guy pretty paranoid that his penis can't satisfy his woman, and she's lying by saying that it does, and telling all her friends about it as if it were as important as a shoe sale or something. lol.
Most women don't brag or joke about their man's penis, or even bring it up with their friends, do they?
I mean that's pretty cruel to make an issue of it if men are to be made to believe that size doesn't matter."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dumped for having an orgasm?!

"Dear Housewife,

I have just been dumped so suddenly by a guy who I thought everything was going well with. In fact he seemed more keen to see me all the time and we spent a lovely weekend just past in the country.
He said it was because there was no spark and that it wasnt quite there - which I am reading means : I was bad in bed. I thought our sex was good and getting better every time?! And I had no problem coming to a climax, although the last time we had sex he suddenly stopped because he didnt want to climax yet and asked me if I had already come - to which I replied yes because I had - his response to me was "well f**k you then", and with his tone I couldnt work out if he was joking or not.
I thought he would be happy that I did, clearly not!
The next day he dumped me, and I am very confused and very hurt. I'll get over it of course, but my confidence has taken a massive hit because it is not the first time I have been dumped out of the blue.
Just so you know, I am not a corpse in bed and I really do enjoy sex.
So confused, I'd be grateful for any answer you have.
Thank you."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interested in a co-worker.. What to do?

"Dear Housewife,

Ok I’m going to try and keep this fairly short but give you all the info because I’m really at a loss at the moment.

I started a new job about three months ago. Since I started I have liked this guy (he's 24, i'm 21) who works on reception and is a kind of odd job guy. I work on the next floor up. So although we work at the same place and for the same company, we don’t work in the same department and we don’t work closely together.

He is what most people would describe as kind of a geek is guess. He’s intelligent, funny, good looking, a bit of an awkward person sometimes and has even admitted to me that he lacks self confidence.

We have been flirting for months now. We’ve found out that we have loads in common from our sense of humour to music we like and tv we watch. I think we both make excuses to talk to each other about work stuff when we don’t really need to and we email each other about nothing really important just so that we can chat. In short I really really like him and I’m sure he likes me.
However, I don’t think either of us has the confidence to approach the other about taking this outside of work and getting to know each other better. I think he has made a few attempts at trying to work the conversation round to meeting up. Like once we were chatting and he said something about him being different outside of work and it was only when I mulled the conversation over a while later that I realised it could have been an opening.

We don’t really have any friends in common at work that can slip a few hints or anything like that and I would rather keep this out of the work gossip and just get to know each other and see how things go without anyone knowing.

The one person at work I have told is a girl who I work closely with, go to lunch with etc and I know she wouldn’t tell anyone else. I have thought about sending her in (so to speak) to drop a few hints etc but I don’t know if that will work.
I would really appreiciate any insight you have and any suggestions as to how to move this forward.

Many thanks!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting over boyfriend's past lovers

"Dear Housewife,

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly seven months now, and he is great. He constantly tells me that I am the best girlfriend he has ever had and that no one has ever made his life so complete. I truly love him and I feel like we have an awesome thing going for us. However I have recently not been able to get his past sexual partners out of my mind. I was a virgin when I met him and he has a past with 7 other girls. All but two were one time things, but they still really bother me. I don’t know how to let the past be the past with this. I constantly feel compared or judged, even though he has never said anything but positive feedback.

In a conversation we were having about his (somewhat crazy) ex girlfriend he said how I was so much better than her at sex, which I felt really good about because a comment he made earlier made it seem as though the best time he ever had with a girl was one of the girls he had dated for quite a while. However this was not the case, as the conversation continued I finally asked which one was the best, and he reluctantly told me that it was first girl A and then after her girl B would be the second best. So you can imagine my awkwardness and heartbreak. I mean what should I expect? He’s the only person I’ve ever had sex with and yet these girls could have countless partners.

I don’t want to ruin this otherwise near perfect relationship that I have with someone so amazing because of something like this. I know a relationship is built on so much more than sex but it really has me bothered beyond belief right now.

Thank you!"