Monday, August 30, 2010

Does size really matter?

"Dear Housewife,

Not so much related to actual sexual activity, but it makes a guy pretty paranoid that his penis can't satisfy his woman, and she's lying by saying that it does, and telling all her friends about it as if it were as important as a shoe sale or something. lol.
Most women don't brag or joke about their man's penis, or even bring it up with their friends, do they?
I mean that's pretty cruel to make an issue of it if men are to be made to believe that size doesn't matter."

Dear Reader,

Does size matter? Yes AND No.

This is one of those subjects that could go back and forth all day long.
To a certain degree, size does matter.

Say if a man's penis was the size of my pinkie, then to me.. that would be too small. On the other hand, if it was the size of my arm, now that would be WAY too large! LOL!
Those examples are pretty extreme, but gets my point across.

Depending on the woman, your penis size may not be the issue. The issue may lie with the inside size of her vagina.
If she has been with fairly large men, then the size of her vagina will adapt to that size. Unless she is diligent with her kegel exercises, then it will stay that size.

Quite honestly, I don't see the big issue with a large penis. Sure, it's great to look at, but in the end.. if it's too large, I wouldn't let it near me!
I value the size of the inside of my vagina and do kegels regularly to keep it's shape.
Maybe your girlfriend should try the same.

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