Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dumped for having an orgasm?!

"Dear Housewife,

I have just been dumped so suddenly by a guy who I thought everything was going well with. In fact he seemed more keen to see me all the time and we spent a lovely weekend just past in the country.
He said it was because there was no spark and that it wasnt quite there - which I am reading means : I was bad in bed. I thought our sex was good and getting better every time?! And I had no problem coming to a climax, although the last time we had sex he suddenly stopped because he didnt want to climax yet and asked me if I had already come - to which I replied yes because I had - his response to me was "well f**k you then", and with his tone I couldnt work out if he was joking or not.
I thought he would be happy that I did, clearly not!
The next day he dumped me, and I am very confused and very hurt. I'll get over it of course, but my confidence has taken a massive hit because it is not the first time I have been dumped out of the blue.
Just so you know, I am not a corpse in bed and I really do enjoy sex.
So confused, I'd be grateful for any answer you have.
Thank you."

Dear Reader,

It seems to me that the problem would lie with him.

"It wasn't quite there", is a cop out because he did not want to be truthful with you about what the real issue was.

A boyfriend that cannot be open and honest with you, is not one that I would want to have around. It's a good thing that you have found this out early on, and not waited years to discover this.

Many people have a hard time ending relationships, and being dumped out of the blue happens more than you would realize. Getting an excuse, instead of an honest answer is usually followed.

I would immerse yourself in some activities that you enjoy and put him out of mind.
Your life is much better without him!

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